Download Bones in the Barrow By Josephine Bell – best–

Bones in the BarrowIn The Swirling London Fog, Dimly Seen Through Dirty Train Windows, A Young Man Witnesses What He Believes To Be A Murder Understandably, He Is Reluctant To Make A Fool Of Himself Nevertheless He Does Eventually Tell His Story To The Police They Find Nothing But Later Much Later When Spring Has Cleared Away The Fogs Of Winter And Workmen Are Up On A Certain Roof Repairing Clogged Gutters, They Find Some Bones The Small Delicate Bones Of A Woman S Hand

Download Bones in the Barrow By Josephine Bell  – best–
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Bones in the Barrow
  • Josephine Bell
  • English
  • 08 January 2018

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About the Author: Josephine Bell

Jospehine Bell the pseudonym of Doris Bell Collier Ball was born into a medical family, the daughter of a surgeon, in Manchester in 1897.She attended Godolphin School from 1910 to 1916 and then she trained at Newnham College, Cambridge until 1919 On completing her studies she was assigned to University College Hospital in London where she became M.R.C.S and L.R.C.P in 1922 and M.B B.S in 19

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    Josephine Bell s Bones in the Barrow relies on what a witness sees from his train window to set the wheels of justice in motion Terry Byrnes is making his slow way to work aboard a train to London Progress is slow because a crippling fog has made visibility near zero For just a moment the fog clears as the train sits and waits and Byrnes stares out the window while he contemplates how angry his boss will be over his extreme lateness He has an unimpeded view of a row of houses along the track The scene that unfolds before him is like a murderous silent film .framed in his hole in the fog, all the dirty windows of the four or five houses were empty At the next, he saw in one of them the distorted face and frantic figure of a woman She was in a state of extreme terror that was clear from her fixed staring eyes and desperate snatching fingers She was trying to throw up the window.This in absolute silence, as far as Terry was concerned, the window being shut, and the fog all round, still and deep.For a few seconds the wom...

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    A young man sees what appears to be a murder being committed as he travels through the fog on a train He does the right thing and reports what he has seen to the police but feels they don t believe him A few months later human bones are found on the roof of a rundown terraced house and a woman fears for the safety of her friend who has suddenly stopped writing to her Several unconnected events baffle Scotland Yard detective Steve Mitchell and his team Dr David Wintringham becomes involved in the case and sets out to investigate it himself as he does not believe Scotland Yard s suspect is the guilty person.I found this story compelling reading There were so many stra...

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    For my full review click on the link below

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    A young man, gazing from a fog bound train, sees a woman in the opposite building screaming Some workers find a few human bones on a roof And a woman begins to worry about why her friend has stopped answeri...

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    3.5 sSlyly funny, good mystery

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