Reading How to Die in Paris author Naturi Thomas – best–

How to Die in Paris How To Die In Paris Is An Edgy, Poetic, Often Darkly Comic, Memoir Of A Young Middle Class Black Woman Who Escapes A Tortured Past In New York To Pursue A New Life In Europe Only To Find Herself Broke, Desperate, And Contemplating Suicide On The Streets Of Paris.Penniless, Scared, And Hoping For Rescue, Thomas Turns To A Series Of Unlikely Male Suitors An Impoverished Italian Who Exposes Her To The Reality Of Immigrant Struggle, A Fast Talking Squatter Who Lures Her Into Paris S Street Youth Culture, And A Beautiful Tunisian Who Takes Her Home Only To Introduce Her To A World Of Pain Each Encounter Awakens In Her Memories From Her Childhood Memories Of The Abuse And Racism She Experienced At The Hands Of Her Mother And Forces Her To Confront The Darkness In Her Past, Even As She Struggles To Survive In The Present.Though The Trials She Faces In Paris Are Often Harrowing, Thomas Is Anything But Self Pitying, Often Culling Humor From Gritty Moments, And She Finds Goodness In The Small Blessings That Come Her Way A Library That Offers Warmth And Escape, A Sandwich Abandoned In A Phone Booth, The Generosity Of Strangers, And Especially, The Wonder Of Paris Itself Ultimately, Being Homeless In The City Of Light Frees Her Of The Denial And Defenses That Have Been Holding Her Back All Her Life Revealing A Broader World Too Beautiful To Leave.

Reading How to Die in Paris  author Naturi Thomas  – best–
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • How to Die in Paris
  • Naturi Thomas
  • English
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9781580053648

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About the Author: Naturi Thomas

Naturi Thomas currently lives in London, home of awesome pubs, soggy weather and, compared to New York, a shockingly clean subway system She s currently putting the finishing touches on both a novel and a prequel to Paris

10 thoughts on “How to Die in Paris

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    Read this one in one day This is a powerful book I love travel memoirs, especially when there s some struggle involved At first I thought this might be a mixed race African American girl from Newark s version of Down and Out in Paris and London, but it goes a bit deeper than that I found myself sobbing by the end of it Not sure why the editorial review here on Goodreads describes the author as middle class, tho...

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    First things first Naturi Thomas is a wonderful writer Her imagery s imaginative She punctuates hardship with wit And her work makes for a quick read But and I always hesitate to make this admission with memoir, because it s hard to critique content without critiquing a real person s life I found myself annoyed and detached and bordering on unsympathetic through most of the narrative Thomas account of entering Paris with about 5 euros that quickly dwindle to 53 cent , then randomly following a series of shady men to their various places of squattership and residence, seemed far too reckless for me to imagine She opens by discussing her great and varied friends, all of whom were encouraging of her trip abroad and of her keeping in touch while she was there Why not bum a few euros off strangers to use cafe internet and ask her friends for a loan Why immediately jump to greasy, near homeless men who expect sex in exchange for a shower or sandwich Ostensibly, Thomas is this fatalistic because she wants to kill herself hence the title , but I never bought that she wanted to die I guess this was supposed to be the running joke of the whole thing she often quips about how half...

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    Gawd Bored me to death A whiny memoir about self inflicted misery.

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    When one realizes his life is worthless, he either commits suicide or travels Edward Dahlberg, Reasons of the Heart On Futility As a young woman, Naturi Thomas decides life is not worth living, at least not life as she knows it She decides to get away from her home in New York City to the City of Light Perhaps she will find a way to die there, but she is not sure how she will do it She attempts to starve herself, but her hunger makes her a coward She thinks she might allow the cold, wet elements to do her in, but her traitorous body seizes opportunities to stay warm with handsome strangers As she struggles on the fence of life or death, her turbulent past continues to haunt her, while a nagging hope urges her to press on no matter how ragged her weary feet become Ultimately, her choice to die in the city most known for fullness of life, beauty, adventure, romance, a...

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    A cautionary tale of how not to go to Paris A thirty year old woman without much of a future runs away to Europe to escape her problems After being fired from a translation position in Rome, she decides to go to Paris because she wants to see it before she ...

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    Some hilarious lines.

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    This is one of the most powerful books I ve read in ages It s a deep and painful memoir that left me with a new view of life

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    This memoir is brave, poetic, heartbreaking and hopeful.

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    This book was highlighted in Shelf Awareness, described as astonishing.

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